Roasting Skills Intermediate August 6,7,8, 2020

Intermediate--10 points

In this 3-day class we will delve further into the science behind roasting great coffee.  

In-depth usage of testing and measuring equipment allows you to better understand your green coffee and how to get the most out of it, as well as analyzing your finished, roasted product and how we measure quality.

Roast profiles are further explored through definition, practice and follow-up with an emphasis on terminology and tastings.  Storage conditions and handling of product both pre-roast and post-roast are also emphasized.

Color identification of roast degree is a crucial part of Coffee Roasting and will be the basis of the practical test involved.

We will also begin exploring data collection and data logging. 

There are two tests associated with this class. A practical test on day of class and after successfully passing this an online written exam. 

Students who pass online written exam and want a certificate will need to submit a $145.00 CAD certificate fee before SCA will issue certificate. Fee is payable to your AST which will be forwarded to SCA on your behalf. 

Hope to see you in class!!

Course is scheduled for June August 6,7,8, 2020

Class hours are 09:00-17:00 hours