Barista Skills Foundations August 15, 2020

Barista Skills Foundations--

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This class is designed to give you the basic knowledge and tools required to work behind the bar and prepare you for the Barista Intermediate and Professional courses.

Attendees will receive a general overview of everything from equipment operation to customer service, espresso extraction and drink preparation.  Upon completion, graduates will have a base knowledge of the bar and skills that are immediately relevant and ready to enhance the workforce in any coffee bar operation with a focus on high-level, high-quality execution to the standards and best practices of the Specialty Coffee Association. It will also count 10 points toward your diploma.

There are two tests associated with this class. A practical test on day of class and after successfully passing this an online written exam. 

Students who pass online written exam and want a certificate will need to submit a $65.00 CAD certificate fee before SCA will issue certificate. Fee is payable to your AST which will be forwarded to SCA on your behalf. 

Hope to see you in class!!

Course is scheduled for August 15, 2020

Class hours are 9:00 am - 6:00 pm