Brewing Skills Foundations August 12, 2023



5 Points

Designed to introduce core brewing skills and equipment to people with no
previous brewing experience. Successful candidates should be able to
grind and brew to the correct recipe to produce great coffee. We will use several different devices for brewing different coffees and discuss ratios and extractions.

There is now one online written test associated with this class. A practical test has been replaced by CSP Course Skills Report:
ASTs complete a CSP Course Skills Report for each learner, reporting the level of competency in specific practical objectives in preparation for the Intermediate level course. The completed report should be discussed with the learner and the learner should receive a copy of the report.

Couse fees include, all course materials,  and of course lots of coffee!!

Hope to see you in class!!

Course is scheduled for August 12, 2023

Class hours are 9:00 am - 5:00 pm