Green Coffee Skills Intermediate August 18-19, 2022

Green Coffee Skills 


10 Points


This course is designed to build on the knowledge gained
in the Green Coffee Foundation course and prepare the
student for more complex job functions found in the green
coffee profession. Specifically:
• Botany and agronomy are developed further
• Processing is explored in more detail and quality as a
result of processing is introduced as a concept
• Defects as well as positive grading variables are
introduced to the student
• Core elements of green coffee contracts are introduced
• Grading and quality differentiation with regard to
contracts is introduced
• Seasonality and quality storage variables are
introduced as concepts
• Market terminology is developed further
• Decaffeination is developed further
• Mechanisms of certification are explored in further

There are two tests associated with this class. An online written test and a 105 minute practical test. Each has a 70% passing score.

Course fees include all course materials, and of course lots and lots of coffee!!

Course is scheduled for August 18-19, 2022

Class hours are 9:00 am - 5:00 pm