Classes start November 29, 2021

November 16, 2021


I trust everyone has waited for our lives to reach some sort of normalcy and believe us, WE here at VCA have waited for this time too. 

We are now ready to start our Coffee Skills Program again and start to share our knowledge with anyone who loves coffee. 

We will list the foundations level classes individually and also provide a detailed pathway of classes for anyone who wants to achieve the goal of becoming a Coffee professional with a diploma and possibly your own AST designation. 

TWO new pathways I have mapped out are

  • Barista Pathway
  • Roaster Pathway 

Each pathway will list all the classes necessary to become a coffee professional with designation as a Barista Professional or Roasting Professional. If all classes are taken and passed you would achieve 105 points, a Coffee professional diploma and the opportunity as an AST. 

We will monitor the Covid-19 situation and follow all health protocols in place to ensure a safe and fun learning environment.


I hope we finish 2021 with a bang and start off 2022 to be a good year for everyone and I hope to see you all at Vancouver Coffee Academy, on Beautiful Granville Island.

Keep it Greasy

John Sanders AST