Roasting Skills Intermediate August 25-26, 2022

Intermediate--10 points

The Roasting Intermediate course builds upon the introductory concepts of the Foundation course. It is ideal for someone who has roasting and desires to gain a deeper understanding of the roast profile, how the profile relates to color, the relationship between roast profile and sensory expression, and the impact of development time. Learners will further explore the physical and chemical changes as well as basic
thermodynamics and heat transfer that occurs during the roast. Thereafter there will be an introduction to sample roasting and a review of safety and maintenance protocols in the roasting plant.

There are two tests associated with this class. An online written test and a 3 hour practical test. Each has a 70% passing score.

Couse fees include, all course materials, and of course lots of coffee!!

Hope to see you in class!!

Course is scheduled for August 25-26, 2022

Class hours are 09:00-5:00 pm